Still waiting patiently 125 years later, 1894 / 2019.


We are optimistic and are evermore encouraging us all to be steadfast with patience, being that your Leaders are constantly working.

They have not retreated from their search, their consideration, and their pursuit of a way to gain pono for us, as we have reported to you, saying that there are many avenues by which to search for pono for the Hawaiian Lahui from the other Powerful Nations who are on friendly terms with Hawaii nei because of the treaties. Continue reading

Meanwhile, the president of the USA is echoing words from the past, 1942.


We are rapidly getting all of the 500,000 Japanese away from our Pacific coast danger zone, but what about the timewhen the war is over?

A resident from the Lake Labish district told the editor of the Greater Oregon yesterday of a series of raids conducted on Jap farms in that district. We are not at liberty to tell the full story but we can say that many machine guns were found in hay mows and in straw stacks and that a large amount of ammunition and weapons was taken from the Japs, who profess to be so friendly to us and so sorry that Japan has declared war upon us. Continue reading

Ua hala na makahiki he hookahi haneri iwakalua kumalima, 1894 / 2019.

Ka Hoolauwili a na Enemi.

I keia wa a kakou e noho nei, ke hoomaopopo nei makou i ka hooko o ka lahui i keia olelo hemolele, i hoikeia ia Paulo penei: “Aole oia wale no, ke hauoli neiĀ  no hoi kakou iloko o na popilikia; ke ike nei, e hana ana ka popilikia i ke ahonui; a o ke ahonui i ka hoao ana; a o ka hoao ana i ka manaolana.” Rom. 5: 3, 4. Continue reading