Two thousand earthquakes over a period of 13 days? 1868.


From the kamaaina of Waiohinu, Whitney was told of somethings pertaining to the earthquakes.

A haole, Mr. Silloway, said that on the 29th of March until the 10th of April, there were more than two thousand, and it felt like on some days there were between three and four hundred. Continue reading

Earthquake, 1860.

Earthquake on Hawaii.

On the 26th of March past, the island of Hawaii shook tremendously and swayed because of a large earthquake; this was the first of this sort of earthquake. The strongest was in Kohala and Kona.

(Hae Hawaii, April 18, 1860, p. 10)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 5, Ano Hou,—-Helu 3, Aoao 10. Aperila 18, 1860.

H. L. Chase, photographer, 1869.


On Fort Street,

MAY BE SEEN THE VIEWS taken of the Late

Lava Flow at Kahuku,

And the Effects of the Late

Earthquake at Waiohinu, Kau.

Views of Kilauea and other places. Also Cards of the Kings, Queens, Chiefs, etc., all for sale at low prices. Also, Oval and Square Frames of all sizes, which will be sold cheap.


(Hawaiian Gazette, 1/13/1869, p. 1)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume IV, Number 52, Page 1. January 13, 1869.

History of volcanic activities and why the newspapers need to be rescanned as clearly as possible, 1868–for the present, for the future.

[Found under: “Ke Ahi Pele Nui ma Hawaii. NA OLAI KUPINAI. KE KAI HOEE NUI! MAKE WELIWELI MA KAU! Na Palapala a na Makamaka mai Hawaii mai, eia iho malalo:”]

On Thursday at 3 in the afternoon, that being the 2nd of this April, there came a great powerful earthquake, and people could not stand upright, and so too the animals. The soil of the earth spew up into the sky like smoke and hills tumbled down; large trees fell, and some of the valleys were filled, and houses fell; the number of houses which fell numbered 30 or more; and 3 churches fell, the churches of Kahuku and Waiohinu and Punaluu; and there is a large pit at Kahuku that is 80 feet in circumference and 350 feet or more deep, and from within this pit rose steam like the steam of the volcanic crater; the distance from the port of Kaalualu to this pit is 6 miles or so; and there are many other deeds carried out by God. Continue reading