Words of condolences from the Liliuokalani Educational Society at the passing of Poomaikelani, 1895.

Resolution of Condolences.

To the Alii, the Dowager Queen Kapiolani; and Their Highnesses, Princes David Kawananakoa and J. K. Kalanianaole;

Greetings: Whereas the Almighty God has kindly in His unfathomable Power taken from this life to the Land of Souls, on the evening of this past Wednesday, October 2, 1895, at Kalihi, Honolulu, Island of Oahu, Her Highness, the Alii, Princess Virginia Poomaikelani, the President of the Liliuokalani Educational Society, Division II, for many years, eight or more, for which she patiently cared for along with us the advancement of the works of the Society.

Therefore, we, the officers and all of the members of the Society, through our committee, with sadness and grief, have resolved:

First. The Liliuokalani Educational Society, Division II, join with you, the Alii, the Queen Dowager and their Highnesses, the Princes, in your grief for your greatly beloved younger Royal sibling, the mother of the Royal Children, and we bow before the Lord, Whose is the life in the body and the soul, as we ask him to lighten your heavy hearts.

Second. A copy of this resolution shall be sent to all of the newspapers of this town.

We of the committee of the Liliuokalani Educational Society, Division II, with sorrow, at the taking of our President.

Kahanuulani Meek,

Carrie Sharratt,

Kahakuwaiaoao Clark,

Keliikaapuni Kawainui,

Kaumealani Kapono.

Done at Honolulu on the 5th of October, 1895.

(Makaainana, 10/14/1895, p. 2)

Olelo Hooholo Hoalohaloha.

Ka Makaainana, Buke IV----Ano Hou, Helu 16, Aoao 2. Okatoba 14, 1895.

A Dance to benefit the Liliuokalani Educational Society, 1888.


To be held at the Armory of the Honolulu Rifles, Manamana when reaching the night of

TUESDAY, MAY 15, 1888.

For the benefit of the Hui Hoonaauao Liliuokalani, Mahele Elua [The Liliuokalani Educational Society, Division Two].

Tickets of entry may be obtained from the committee, and also at the door; $1 is the cost.

(Makaainana, 5/3/1888, p. 3)


Ka Makaainana, Buke III, Helu 3, Aoao 3. Mei 3, 1888.

More on Liliuokalani Educational Society, 1892.

[Found under: “HAWAII NEWS”]

On the 15th of this month, it will be the [???] anniversary of the Hui Hoonaauao Liliuokalani, Mahele 2 [Liliuokalani Educational Society, Division 2] from its inception by the Queen of Hawaii at this time.

[This article in theory states the year that the Liliuokalani Educational Society, Division 2 begins, but that year is not visible. Here is another article which is cut off because of tight binding. It is a sad thing to have to randomly go back and flip through fragile newspaper pages just to find what a word or phrase is. And if a whole bunch of people need to find different things, the papers will deteriorate quickly, and soon, a good image will be impossible because the pages will be dust…]

(Kuokoa, 5/7/1892, p. 3)

Ke hiki ae i ka la 15...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXI, Helu 19, Aoao 3. Mei 7, 1892.

Liliuokalani Educational Society, 1890.

[Found under: “LOCAL & GENERAL NEWS”]

The First Division of the Liliuokalani Educational Society will meet at Washington Place, three [?] o’clock Monday afternoon.

[Granted, this is a single sentence, but there is not much known about the Liliuokalani Educational Society, and every little mention is important…

This newspaper is bilingual, Hawaiian and English, and is also called “The National Herald”. The images are not very clear, and the typescript as a result is riddled with “@”s, which indicate that the area is illegible. Hopefully they (and all of the other newspapers) can be re-shot so that there will be legible images—the information they hold is priceless!]

(Ahailono a ka Lahui, February 1, 1890, p. 5)

The First Division of the Liliuokalani Educational Society...

Ka Ahailono a ka Lahui, Volume 1, Number 20, Page 5. February 1, 1890.

The royal mausoleum converted into a chapel, 1922.


On this past Sunday, that being the birthday of the Royal Representative Kuhio, the mausoleum that holds the bones of the alii of Hawaii nei in the cemetery of Nuuanu was made into a chapel for all the Hawaiian societies of Honolulu who wish to hold services there.

This house of the Chiefs was consecrated by the Bishop L. A. Motte [John D. LaMothe] of the Anglican Church [hoomana Pelekane] and assisted by Rev. S. L. Desha, Sr. of Hilo, as was planned earlier.

There were many people who came to see the consecration, and the ceremony was done with much reverence. This will likely make this house of the Alii a unforgettable [?] monument to all the alii of Hawaii.

[Much of the Hilo newspaper, Hoku o Hawaii, is digitized badly, and can hardly be read. This particular article is one of the better ones. I hope all of the illegible articles are not important ones!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 3/30/1922, p. 3)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XV, Helu 44, Aoao 3. Maraki 30, 1922.