Hawaiian-Language Newspapers for Vancouver, 1863.

Orders for newspaper subscriptions came from Vancouver from amongst the Hawaiians living there. It was sent along with the money, and when the mail ship for that area leaves again, it will be sent; the number is five more papers.

(Hoku o ka Pakipika, 2/26/1863, p. 3)

Ua hiki mai he olelo kauoha nupepa...

Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika, Buke 2, Helu 20, Aoao 3. Feberuari 26, 1863.

More on the Kaheleiki trial, 1863.

This past Tuesday [2/17/1863], the Honorable C. Kapaakea, and  J. Koii, and C. G. Hopkins also went aboard the ship Yankee, to appear in a case raised between the haole and Kaheleiki; the Honorable John Ii also accompanied them to San Francisco, and this paper hopes and prays that the fringes of the winds; the gentle winds of the coconut fronds of Kona take them to their destination, and that they are brought back by the soft puffs of the wind of Sakameka [? Sacramento]; “Pleasant passage,” according to the haole.

(Hoku o ka Pakipika, 2/19/1863, p. 2)

Ma ka poalua iho nei...

Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika, Buke 2, Helu 19, Aoao 2. Feberuari 19, 1863.