Kauka Judd opens a clinic for Hawaiians, 1871.

Treatment for Hawaiians.

On the 10th of July, I will commence at my place. Number 31, Fort Street, Honolulu, a Clinic for Hawaiian, men, women, children, everyone; with any illness, from Hawaii to Kauai. These are the hours for you all to come by, from 9 o’clock in the morning until 12 on weekdays [la noa]. Therefore, come all; there is no pay for the indigent, and you will get proper medicine with enlightened treatment.

G. P. Judd, (Kauka.)

[Although the title of this advertisement, “Lapaau Hawaii,” can be seen as “Treatment for Hawaiians,” I think the first idea that comes to mind would be “Hawaiian Medicine.” I wonder if that was done on purpose…]

(Au Okoa, 7/20/1871, p. 2)

Lapaau Hawaii.

Ke Au Okoa, Buke VII, Helu 14, Aoao 2. Iulai 20, 1871.

King Lunalilo passes, 1874.


Our beloved King died from the night of Tuesday to the day of Wednesday [February 3, 1874], at 8 o’clock and 50 minutes in the evening. 44 hours went by after his birthday, and he died at 39 years old.

His death was quick without a struggle. He died before the alii, Ke alii Pauahai, F. Naea, R. Keelikolani, the Minister of Finance Sterling, Dr. Trousseau (Kauka Palani), and Dr. Oliver.

We visited the Palace and saw the makaainana murmuring about with worried faces, saying, “The King is dead.” The Lahui are sad and grieve over the quick passing of Lunalilo. The Lahui must at once look with hope to his Replacement, the one who will occupy the throne, and there is but one who is fitting, that is Kalakaua.

(Nuhou Hawaii, 2/10/1874, p. 3)


Ka Nuhou Hawaii, Buke I, Helu 15, Aoao 3. Feberuari 10, 1874.