Pāʻū riding a hundred ten years ago and more, 1906.


The Riders Expect to Have a Very Big Turnout.

The Association of Pa-u Riders, otherwise known as the Hui Holopa-u Maile Alii, is making great preparations for its parade of Pa-u riders on Monday, June 11. This society formed by Mrs. Kaimana [Kainana] Puahi and others interested in the preservation of the old Hawaiian manner of horseback riding with the picturesque pa-u immediately following the floral parade of Washington’s birthday, of which parade the pa-u riders formed one of the most attractive features. The ladies have since devoted much time to practice, and to the making of appropriate dresses, and have been helped by the members of the Promotion Committee, by Manager Charles Crane of the Hawaiian Gazette Co. and by many others, to all of whom the members of the Hui Holopa-u Maile Alii wish to return their most sincere thanks.


The program for the day is most complete. At 6:30 in the morning, the members of the hui will meet at the Waikiki residence of Mrs. Puahi, at which time all will don the pa-u. At eight o’clock the line will begin to form, Sheriff A. M. Brown being the marshal of the parade. At 8:30 the procession will move to the Kapahulu road, thence to Beretania street, thence to Washington place. Continue reading

Poomaikelani’s search for alii genealogies, 1883.


It is being advertised and shown to the public that the Board of Genealogy of Hawaiian Chiefs [Papa Kuauhau Alii] is prepared to hear the genealogies of those who put forward their pedigree as related to the Chiefly Class, every first Monday of the months of the year, where they put before us the clear genealogy written down in this fashion:

FATHER [makuakane]——— MOTHER [makuahine]

GRANDFATHER [kupunakane] ——— GRANDMOTHER [kupunawahine]

GREAT GRANDFATHER [kualuakane] ——— GREAT GRANDMOTHER [kualuawahine]


And so forth until the earliest that the genealogist can show.

A notice will be given and time will be set aside for those who object to the genealogies that will be published, for those who know the old stories and mele, you come as well. Time will be set aside for them to come to the Business Office of the Papa Kuauhau Alii, on the Palace Grounds in the town of Honolulu, Oahu. Commencing at 9 o’clock in the morning, until 2 o’clock in the afternoon on the Mondays mentioned previously.

Signed on this day the 26th of June, 1883.  J. A. Nahaku,

Secretary of the Papa Kuauhau Alii.  Approved by:



(Elele Poakolu, 8/1/1883, p. 4)


Ka Elele Poakolu, Buke IV, Helu 31, Aoao 4. Augate 1, 1883.