On Char with Kauai photographers, 1934.

Kauai Photographers

Several of the leading Japanese photographers on Kauai are pictured above with On Char, secretary of the territorial board of photography, who visited the Garden Island last week to conduct examinations to applicants for certificates and also to investigate the unlicensed photographers on the  island. Continue reading

City Photo, 10th anniversary, 1922.

Announcing the
Tenth Anniversary
of the
City Photo CO.


Mr. On Char, in 1912, started the City Photo Co. His first advent into the photographic field was in 1904 when he entered the employ of the Rice & Perkins Studio of this city.

In 1920, Mr. Char went to the mainland to take up a post graduate course at The New York Institute of Photography and upon his return rejoined this concern. Mr. Char is a member of the Photographers’ Association of America. Continue reading

City Photo 20th anniversary, 1932.

1912  1932


Years of



First Birthday March 29, 1932


To mark our twentieth birthday, tomorrow, we will present free a full cabinet-size photo to each child whose first birthday falls in April, 1932. If you have a baby born in April, 1931, come to our studio and get a ticket calling for a future appointment. This ticket is free. Then at the time appointed, bring the baby, have the picture taken, and we will give you, without charge, one full-sized cabinet photo of the youngster.


“Open House” tomorrow at the City Photo Studio from 12 noon to 5 p.m., and in the evening from 7 to 9 p.m. You are welcome to come and enjoy our Twentieth Anniversary with us.

No appointment for sitting during our “open house” hours tomorrow. However, dates for future sittings may be arranged.

City Photo Studio is twenty years old tomorrow—March 30, 1932. Twenty years ago this studio began in a small way. Now it is modernly-equipped in every respect, with large quarters, best of apparatus, skilled personnel, and a host of friends built up over 20 years of friendly dealing.

In these 20 years thousands of people have had their pictures taken in our studio. Thousands of boys and girls whose childhood pictures were made here have grown up to manhood and womanhood.

Many of these have kept every photo taken since babyhood. They now have albums full of family pictures—rarely treasured volumes, intensely interesting now and more interesting as the years go on.

City Photo Studio is always glad to help its patrons fill these albums with cherished pictures. No other memento is quite so intimate, so attractive, as the family picture album. Come in and see us any time and let us suggest how you may prepare such an album.


ON CHAR, Proprietor

15 S. Hotel Street   Telephone 3585

Authorized Representatives, International Photographer Association

(Star-Bulletin, 3/29/1932, p. 3)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXXIX, Number 12522, Page 3. March 29, 1932.


Hugo Stangenwald opens new photo gallery, 1855.



THE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to inform the residents of Honolulu and vicinity, that he has removed to the new building recently erected on King street, opposite the Globe Hotel, where he is now prepared to take pictures in the highest perfection of the art, with all the latest improvements, and at the lowest prices. Having constructed these rooms expressly for his business, with Continue reading

H. L. Chase, photographer, 1869.


On Fort Street,

MAY BE SEEN THE VIEWS taken of the Late

Lava Flow at Kahuku,

And the Effects of the Late

Earthquake at Waiohinu, Kau.

Views of Kilauea and other places. Also Cards of the Kings, Queens, Chiefs, etc., all for sale at low prices. Also, Oval and Square Frames of all sizes, which will be sold cheap.


(Hawaiian Gazette, 1/13/1869, p. 1)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume IV, Number 52, Page 1. January 13, 1869.