Criticism of treatment at Baldwin Home, 1896.

Improper Acts.


Your news-sniffing detective reports before all, the improper actions of the Brothers [Hoahanau] overseeing the Baldwin Home [Home Balauwina] in Kalawao. On Wednesday morning, the 9th of September, there was a uprising between the boys and the Brothers because the pig feed bucket was brought filled with tea to drink that morning. So the boys were incensed at that mistreatment. These Brothers must have thought that those boys inflicted with leprosy at that Home were pigs, and that is why they did that kind of thing.

Here is another thing: one of the boys who died at the Home some months ago was taken to the mortuary. That night, his clothes he was wearing were fetched. Here are the items taken from the body of the dead boy: One brand new suit, and a pair of shoes. These things are being worn now by another boy of the Home.

One more thing, if a boy of the Home dies, he is wrapped up in a blanket and put in a box and taken to Koloa [?].

The cart used to transport beef is another thing; that is the cart used to transport the patients with rotting sores. Is this something proper that the Brothers are doing to these boys of the lahui who are afflicted with this suffering from leprosy living in the Home?

Your detective believes that it is not right. It is killing the body and the soul of their neighbor. The Board of Health [Papa Ola] should remove these Brothers from the Home and return the Sisters [Viregine] of Aloha to this Home. Their care of the patients was much better than that of these people who waste the Government’s money.

With appreciation,

News-Sniffing Detective

Kalawao, Molokai.

(Makaainana, 11/9/1896, p. 3)

He Mau Hana Maikai Ole.

Ka Makaainana, Buke VI----Ano Hou, Helu 19, Aoao 3. Novemaba 9, 1896.

Honey Bees introduced, 1857.

Honey Bees [nalo meli]. Brought upon the ship Fanny Major from California were four boxes of bees. Currently they are in the garden of Dr. Hillebrand [Kauka Makaainana].

The doctor will attempt raising the bees, and should this progress, we will be blessed, because there are two good things done by bees. 1. They make honey, which is very delicious and valuable. 2. They make plants fruit, because when bees fly to flowers in search of the nectar within, it takes with them pollen from non-fruiting flowers to fruiting flowers and deposit it, and that is what helps fruiting. Therefore, all you people of Honolulu nei, do not kill or abuse the bees when you see them. Bees are a great help to all, without any harm.

[According to Senior Scientist and Cultural Advisor at The Nature Conservancy of Hawai’i, Sam Ohu Gon III, “In the big picture, in our modern agricultural world, honeybees are vital, but we should never forget our little-known native bees…”]

(Hae Hawaii, 11/18/1857, p. 134)

Na Nalo Meli.

Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 2, Ano Hou.----Helu 34, Aoao 134. Novemaba 18, 1857.