Practicing attorneys in the Kingdom, 1885.

LIST OF NAMES OF THE LAWYERS WHO ARE APPROVED to conduct business in the Supreme Court and below, and who are residing in this Nation:

S. L. Austin ….. September 8, 1852
S. W. Mahelona ….. October 30, 1856
J. Kauai ….. February 2, 1857
Jona Kupau ….. Feberuary 19, 1857
H. J. Wana ….. March 5, 1857
Z. Kakani ….. May 5, 1857
J. Kaluhi ….. August 25, 1857
D. H. Hikikoki [D. H. Hitchcock] ….. October 12, 1857
E. G. Hikikoki [E. G. Hitchcock] ….. January 19, 1857 Continue reading

Licensed lawyers, 1879.

List of Lawyers.

The list of names below are the lawyers who were approved to practice Law in the the Courts of this Nation for two years, in accordance with the law passed in the Legislature of this past 1878. And being that we were asked, we therefore are publishing the list of names.

In all Courts on the island of Oahu, except the Supreme Court.

J. S. Kaanaana, licensed Sept. 10, 1878.

J. P. Kauwalu, ” ” ”

George Barenaba, licensed Oct. 26, ”

Henry N. Kahulu, licensed Nov. 4, ”

Jesse Amara, licensed June 3, 1879.

In the District and Police Courts.

Asa Kaulia, licensed Oct. 8, 1878.

S. Aukai, licensed Oct. 12, 1878.

Only within the Police Court of Honolulu.

Lililehua, licensed Jan. 21, 1879. Continue reading

Short biography of the great Joseph Mokuohai Poepoe, 1912.


This candidate for the legislature in the Democratic party of Oahu nei was born at Honomakau, which is famous for the saying: “No youth of Kohala goes out unprepared” [“Aohe u’i hele wale o Kohala”]. This also is the birthplace of the Hon. H. M. Kaniho. He was born on the 27th of March, 1852. When he was small, he was brought to Honolulu. He entered into the districts schools [kula apana] here in Honolulu, and also in Kalauao, Ewa. And thereafter he attended the Royal School at Kehehuna, and its head Instructor was Mr. Beckwith. After two years there, he entered Ahuimanu College in Koolaupoko, under the instruction of the Fathers Elekenio, Remona, Livino, and the many other teachers. He was taught law in North Kohala under Judge P. Kamakaia. He returned here to Honolulu and studied law at the law school of W. R. Castle [W. R. Kakela], as well as at the law school of S. B. Dole. He studied law with lawyers Davidson and Lukela. In 1884, he received his full license to practice law in all Courts of Hawaii nei, and he still retains his law license. He was an editor for many of the Hawaiian-language newspapers in this town. Currently, he is the editor for KE ALOHA AINA. He was a teacher at the boarding school of Rev. E. Bond [Rev. E. Bona] in Kohala. He was the first to establish an English language school in North Kohala, Hawaii. He was an assistant teacher at the British Government School at Ainakea, under H. P. Wood, and thereafter under E. N. Dyer. For many years he tried to join the Legislature, so that the lahui would see him pass laws that would benefit the lahui in need; but the people did not assent. Now his hope is that it will be in the upcoming election that the voters will come through, making him a Representative, whereupon he will show his works for the good of the land and for the advancement of the lahui.

[Poepoe played a huge part in the history of the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers! I was happy to find this. Also, I just saw this morning more on the Catholic school at Ahuimanu on Nanea Armstrong-Wassel’s instagram page. Go check it out. There is a picture of the school as well!]

(Aloha Aina, 10/26/1912, p. 1)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke XVII, Helu 43, Aoao 1. Okatoba 26, 1912.

Thomas McCants Stewart passes on, 1923.

The black Lawyer, McCant Stewart has passed on

On the 13th of January, the Black Lawyer left behind this life, the one whose name is placed above; and he died at Saint Thomas, in the Virgin Islands, at 68 years of age. Some people of Honolulu are remembering him, this Black Lawyer who resided in Kalihi, and participated in politics in those days of they years of 1903, 1905, 1907, and it was this Black Lawyer who contributed greatly to the County Law as it now stands today, and it was due to his greatly trusted guidance that the County Law stands here in Hawaii.

After he left Hawaii nei, he went to the Republic of the Blacks in Liberia, Africa, and he became the Attorney-General for that Republic for a number of years, and under his leadership, that Black Republic of Africa gained some very fine laws. His daughter is currently living on Kauai, and she has married a Chinese man on Kauai, and she is employed as a School teacher at Anehola, and is a leader in politics in that area of the Republican party.

[If you want know more about this fascinating man, drop your plans for Friday night, February 5, 2016. There will be a presentation done by Dr. Albert Broussard, professor in the Department of History at Texas A&M University. It will be from 5:30 to 7:00 p. m. at Aliiolani Hale. Click here for more!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 2/22/1923, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XVI, Helu 39, Aoao 2. Feberuari 22, 1923.

In memory of John Kalua Kahookano, 1900.


Passed by the Bar on the Death of J. K. Kahookano.

The following is a copy of resolutions passed by the Bar Association upon the death of J. K. Kahookano:

Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God to take from us our brother lawyer, John Kalua Kahookano; be it

Resolved, That we, the members of the Bar Association of the Hawaiian Islands, in meeting assembled, hereby express our deep regret at the loss which not only the bar but the whole community has suffered by the death of our brother; and,

Resolved, That the late John Kalua Kahookano was a man who, by his honesty, integrity and other sterling qualities, won the respect and the esteem of the Hawaiian bar, who deeply regret his demise at the early age of 38 years.

As a member of the Legislature he not only satisfied the desires of his constituents, but showed a deep interest in the general welfare of the country, and displayed marked ability in legal matters. To his efforts are mainly due the amendments to our statute defining the degrees of murder.

As a representative Hawaiian, his career was full of promise—promise of future usefulness to his country.

As a public-minded citizen, he sacrificed his time and health in discharging his duties as a volunteer health inspector during our present epidemic.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded by the secretary of this association to his widow, with an expression of our deep sympathy in the bereavement of herself and family.


S. K. KA-NE,


(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 3/2/1900, p. 7)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXXI, Number 5482, Page 7. March 2, 1900.

Licensed lawyers of the Kingdom, 1885.

LIST OF NAMES OF THE LAWYERS WHO ARE APPROVED to conduct business in the Supreme Court and below, and who are living in this Nation:

S. L. Austin ….. September 8, 1852

S. W. Mahelona ….. October 30, 1856

J. Kauai ….. February 2, 1857

Jona Kupau ….. Feberuary 19, 1857

H. J. Wana ….. March 5, 1857

Z. Kakani ….. May 5, 1857

J. Kaluhi ….. August 25, 1857

D. H. Hikikoki ….. October 12, 1857

E. G. Hikikoki ….. January 19, 1857

H. A. Widemann ….. April 17, 1863

J. Kaunamano ….. March 1, 1867

D. W. Kaaemoku ….. September 3, 1867

J. A. Nahaku ….. January 1, 1868

M. Kealoha ….. April 4, 1868

S. B. Dole ….. Feberuary 9, 1869

L. Aholo ….. July 21, 1870

D. Kahaulelio ….. July 28, 1870

Thomas Tannatt ….. June 6, 1874

D. H. Nahinu ….. July 14, 1874

J. P. Green ….. July 27, 1874

E. N. Hailama ….. October 2, 1874

Cecil Brown ….. January 28, 1875

W. R. Kakela ….. Feberuary 13, 1876

J. W. Kalua ….. May 6, 1876

W. L. Holokahiki ….. August 30, 1876

R. F. Bickerton ….. May 31, 1877

J. L. Kaulukou ….. September 17, 1877

F. M. Hatch ….. January 9, 1878

J. M. Monsarrat ….. August 22, 1879

O. T. Shipman ….. July 7, 1881

W. A. Whitting ….. September 7, 1881

E. F. Ward ….. January 21, 1882

L. A. Thurston ….. November 6, 1882

W. A. Kinney ….. April 17, 1883

C. W. Ashford ….. July 11, 1883

William Foster ….. August 1, 1883

Paul Neumann ….. October 12, 1883

M. Thompson ….. November 27, 1883

A. P. Peterson ….. September 2, 1884

J. M. Poepoe ….. January 16, 1884

Jona Austin ….. September 2, 1884

H. E. Avery ….. October 10, 1884

A. Rosa ….. October 29, 1884

J. M. Kaneakua ….. October 27, 1884

V. V. Ashford ….. February 19, 1885

A. C. Smith ….. August 6, 1885

J. A. Magoon ….. October 5, 1885

S. K. Kane ….. December 15, 1885

Should there be any others who have a license and their names were dropped from this list, please inform me so that it can be publicized.


Secretary of the Supreme Court [Aha Kiekie].

(Kuokoa, 12/26/1885, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXIV, Helu 52, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 26, 1885.

Alexander Joy Cartwright, Kakalaika, trusted by Queen Emma, 1874.

BEING THAT THE PERSON NAMED below has been vested the power of attorney [mana hookohu] by the Alii, the Dowager Queen Emma, he is empowered as Agent for the administering of her estate and to care for it all, therefore, public notice is given that there is none other to whom this power is given to charge under the name of she to whom belongs the estate. All persons are ordered, should they have any claims to this estate, to produce the bill, and for those who are indebted to her, to make payment at once at my business office in Honolulu.

ALEX. J. CARTWRIGHT. (Kakalaika).

Honolulu, May 11, 1874.

[I was reminded tonight of the birthday of the creator of baseball, Alexander Joy Cartwright, by the cute report on KITV4 news tonight. Here is just another tiny bit of information about this man known world around.]

(Kuokoa, 5/16/1874, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIII, Helu 20, Aoao 3. Mei 16, 1874.