Birthday luau for the daughter of Frank Harvey, 1893.

A Birthday Luau.

Mr. Frank Harvey entertained a large number of his friends at his residence at Palama last night. A most elegant luau was given, and Mr. Harvey displayed himself as usual as an excellent host. Continue reading


Third annual Hoolaulea, 1927.


Kamehameha schools celebrated their third annual Hoolaulea or Parents-Graduates’ Get-Together Day yesterday afternoon and evening with exhibits, games and programs lasting from 2 o’clock until late in the evening. The school faculty and pupils were the hosts to several hundred parents and alumni, and practically every phase of school activity was shown in some form.

It began at the girls’ school where the crowd was entertained from 2 to 3:15. There were exhibits of nursing, social science, English, commercial classes, mathematics, art, millinery and dressmaking in the main building, all shown and explained by pupils and teachers who acted as guides. Mrs. H. K. Stewart, president of the Alumni association, was also busily engaged in showing visitors about and answering question. Continue reading

La o Sana Valekino, 1897.

Yesterday was the day of lovers and jokesters, and it is called by the haole, “La o Sana Valenstine” (St. Valentine’s Day), or perhaps “Sana Valekino” is what is correct. It is a day to exchange gifts between lovers in goodwill or maybe in teasing and in jest.

(Makaainana, 2/15/1897, p. 1)


Ka Makaainana, Buke VII—-Ano Hou, Helu 7, Aoao 1. Feberuari 15, 1897.

Emma Ahuena Taylor remembers Princess Ruth Keelikolani, 1935.


Her Highness Princess Ruth Keelikolani seemed to have always been in my life.

When she came to stay at Wailuakio (Palama), she would always spend the night in my mother’s home. For her retinue was large and my mother’s home was a convenient place to entertain them all. Continue reading

The birthday of Princess Ruta Keelikolani Keanolani Kanahoahoa Muolaulani Keikiheleloa Keanohalia Kaleonahenahe Kohalikolani, 1871.

Ke Alii Ruta Keelikolani Keanolani Kanahoahoa Muolaulani Keikiheleloa Keanohalia Kaleonahenahe Kohalikolani!


The birthday of Muolaulani.—In a report we received, we learned some things about the birthday of the Royal Governess Keelikolani. We were informed that on the past 9th, that was the day she gave delightful parties, for the day that her mother Pauahi suffered the pangs of labor and gave birth to her. A bit before her birthday, she set up a great lanai a hundred feet or more in length on the grounds of Hulihee Palace, on the right side of the building in the front of Haleolelo. This was large enough for over three hundred people. Her retainers and her people were those who filled out the party. And the taro that she farmed in those days of famine in the year of ’70 was the taro at the feast. Long live the land of the calm of the billowy clouds white like hinano blossoms.

[This reminded me…

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