Kamehameha Schools Hoolaulea, 1926.


Get-Together Rally of Parents and Graduates on May 22

The second annual “Hoolaulea,” or Parents-Graduates Get-Together day, will be held on the Kamehameha schools campus Saturday afternoon and evening, May 22. Continue reading


Birthday of Charles E. King, 1934.


Charles E. King, musician, composer and insurance man, who is 60 today. He was born in Honolulu and at one time taught in local public schools and at Kamehameha schools. Continue reading

Birthday of Charles Reed Bishop, 1909.


This past Monday Charles R. Bishop became eighty-seven years old, one of the old haole of Hawaii nei who Hawaii greatly is in debt to for his efforts to search for and to work for the welfare and the progress of Hawaii nei. Continue reading

“Aole na ka malihini e ao mai ia’u i ka mooolelo o ko’u lahui…” 1868.

Hawaiian History, by Hawaiians.

The early history of all nations without a literature, is necessarily traditionary. That of the Hawaiians, previous to the advent of the missionaries, is of course derivable from the traditions handed down from father to son, of those families immediately attendant upon the chiefs, known by the term of kahus—literally, body attendants. These body servants constituted a class of themselves, and it was their province not only to wait on the chiefs personally, but to carefully commit to memory and to transmit to their successors, everything connected with the birth and lineage of their lords—quite after the style of the bards and harpers of olden times in Britain. Continue reading